Working With Electricity

There are a lot of things that you really need to know when you are working with electricity.  Electricity as itself is a very dangerous substance that can cause great harm or even death.  For those interested in learning about electrical wiring installation fairfax you will want to take your time and learn from a licensed professional.  If you don’t the following dangers could apply.


When electricity is too great for a body or substance to handle the results is known as electrocution.  When electrocuted, massive amounts of electricity travel through our bodies causing damage to our flesh and bodies in general.  We tend to use electrocution when dealing with prisoners and even low voltage in medical procedures.

Fire and damage

Electricity will cause fire and damage if it comes in contact with an unshielded surface.  Metal, water and other conductive materials will take electricity and allow it to travel in the simplest path possible.  If the path leads to paper, wood, chemicals or other flammable substances, fire and other damage can occur.

Be grounded

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When working with electricity you want to wear protective gloves, boots and other clothing.  You want to remove all jewelry and metal from your body.  When you use electricity your boots and shoes need to have rubber soles since rubber won’t conduct electricity.  When this happens you are considered grounded.

Use proper tools

When working with electricity it is vital that you use the proper tools.  You don’t want to use tools that have no protective coating on the handles or will cause damage to wires.  As an electrician you will have a wide range or different tools to use for your specific jobs.

Turn the power off

When working with electricity is to work with it off.  When running wires or doing anything that will have power running to it, you want to make sure that it is turned off and everything is secure before turning on the power.