How Epoxy Concrete Flooring Prepped

This is a short overview of how the process begins. These are the beginning stages of the preparation of a solid epoxy concrete floor. This is how it works. The technicians are making use of a well-known registered trademark. They begin by mechanically prepping the concrete. This they do by removing top but thin layers of concrete substrate. To get this right they have to use a shot blast machine. It represents an effective preparation of concrete. The use of this fine tool ensures that no contaminates will get in the way of the bond located between the concrete substrate and the required bond coat.

The bond coating material penetrates deep into the concrete. It therefore creates a tight bond that lasts for years. After this tight bond has been created the floor-guard spreads a heavy blanket of media into the bond coat. This creates the required durable foundation, also heavy. Once a curing process has been completed, an encapsulation coat is applied. This is a thick, chemical topcoat which is also resistant to UV rays. The finished result is a beautiful but tough and rich finished floor-guard floor. This process delivers by far better results than the use of tiles, paint and sealants would. Because paint and sealants still peel eventually.

epoxy concrete floor

And tiles still come loose. This entire process still delivers a good-looking appearance, not forgetting the required durability. The moisture barrier system has been created. It is also protective. It is essential that floor space that experiences high volumes of foot traffic, and everything else typical of commercial areas, make use of an epoxy floor coating that is well able to perform under pressure. And in the future, little maintenance is required for floors that are just so easy to clean.